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My Girl Lady D Went In On De Parkway!!! @Phoenix Refined Haitian Culture At Its Best!!! #LaborDay2013


Labor Day Parade 2013. Brooklyn, NY

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Volunteers needed! Live in NYC? Are you free on Sunday? Come out and support @4HNYC x @PhoenixRefined by helping us fill bags for the children of Prodev in Haiti. With the amazing support and help of people like you we are able to fill 200 bags for elementary aged Haitian students. This means that 200 students will have bags filled with supplies for the upcoming school year! Join us this Sunday, June 30th between 3-6pm as we fill bags for a great cause.

When: Sunday, June 30th, 2013
Time: 3-6pm
Location: The Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center (in the parking lot) located at 650 Fulton Street. Between Fulton Street and Fort Greene Place

We are also accepting school supplies in lieu of donations June 30th!

Hope to see you there!

4HNYC Team

CoSponsor for the event: Phoenix Refined - “NYC’s 1st Haitian Masquerade Camp For The West Indian American Day Carnival ” We [Phoenix Refined] are Cultural Ambassadors By Teaching Haitian Heritage Through The Art of Masquerading. For more information regarding Phoenix Refined please visit http://www.facebook.com/phoenixrefined

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Phoenix Refined NYC’s 1st Haitian Masquerade Camp TAKING FLIGHT (by PhoenixRefinedTV)

Phoenix Refined Premiered Last Year As NYC’s 1st Haitian Masquerade Camp & This Month Makes It Makes A Year That We’ve Not Only Displayed Our Haitian CULTURE On The Streets of BROOKLYN For The West Indian American Day Carnival But We Have Also Been Blessed To Work With The Kids, The Community, Our Elected Officials & Expose Countless Amounts of People from All Over The WORLD To The HEART, The JOY & The PRIDE of HAITIAN CULTURE!!! We Don’t Just Sell Costumes for Kanaval In NYC… We Create The CREOLE EXPERIENCE!!!

If You would like more Information Our Organization Us or How to join the team please please don’t hesitate to email us at PhoenixRefined@Gmail.com or You can give us a call at Bus Tel. 1.646.926.0379

Please Also Support Our Fundrazr Efforts by Clicking On This Link: http://fnd.us/c/2Lkx0
Every Penny Counts Help Haiti Be Represented For our 2nd Year Debuting On Eastern Parkway!!! AYITI Runs De Parkway©!!!

Stay Connected With Us!!!
Facebook| facebook.com/PhoenixRefined
Follow Us On Instagram| @PhoenixRefined
Follow Us On Twitter| twitter.com/PhoenixRefined
Follow Us On Tumblr| http://phoenixrefined.tumblr.com/

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